Okay so maybe it's not my Emu, but I'm not sure I care. I would totally adopt this dude. If I see him around Ionia County, I may not call anyone to have him picked up, ha! Could you imagine coming over to someones place and their pet Emu is just chillin and hangin out? Awesome. Anyways, According to the Lansing State Journal, this missing Emu is around the Ionia County somewhere and has been described as "fast" oh? Is that so? Well then how are we supposed to get it?

This is the second report this week in the news about missing animals and animals getting on the loose. The second report that I heard was far less comical and very sad. That a flood in Georgia, in Tbilisi caused some zoo animals to escape and go all around the country, some of the animals have lost their lives in the extreme conditions. Can you imagine being around tying to get your life together after a major flood and having a lion living in your house or something? Scary stuff.