I was skimming through the Lansing State Journal and saw a cool story about Andrew Hill, who plays soccer for the Lansing United. I've seen and heard nothing but good things about the Lansing United and it seems as if I really need to get to a game now, just to see this dude play. What an amazing story. Click the link above to get the full deal, but this guys has been everywhere man. Born in Germany, played on two different continents and two different colleges and not really knowing if he would ever get a chance to play soccer ever again. Plus, he is an Oakland Golden Grizzly just like me. After some college setbacks he was able to land a few roster spots over in England with neither of them really panning out.

He returned home to Mason, to his family, and went to school over at LCC and got in to coaching. Had a few coaching gigs and got himself back to playing through connections and now is a fan favorite player of the United. So, I have to do some research here and find out when and where they play. Have any of you been to a Lansing United game? Right before I moved from Detroit, there was a team there that was really starting to pick up some steam. I never got in to watching soccer but I also have never seen a live game. I think that my opinion on the sport would probably change if I saw a game or two.