I'm always a little slow to catch on to the technological advances in the world. And by that I mean today I got my first LAPTOP! Actually it's a Chromebook and it's AWESOME!

How did I survive, you ask? Easy! I have a very generous significant other who would let me use his iMac and his Mac, like all the time. He even got me an iPad mini! (He's the best, right?) But I wanted something of my own, something bigger than the iPad mini. Something like a CHROMEBOOK! It's great for an entry level laptop. It has the internet, (duh), and also grownup stuff like google docs and sheets in case I ever need to do real work. And with the price you just cannot go wrong. It's small and neat and cute and just perfect for me! I'll be sure to tell you guys about all the cool things I figure out about it, too!

What about you? Do you have a Chromebook? Or are you a diehard Apple person?