I had never broken a bone until... I broke my rib while dumpster diving earlier this week.

Okay, I'm not 100% certain that my rib is broken.  But something is definitely wrong.  Maybe a bruise, maybe out of place... not sure.  And, to be fair, I wasn't actually dumpster diving for trash.

Here's what happened:

We had just thrown a large piece of furniture into the dumpster.  In an effort to make it fit perfectly in the open space around the other trash in the dumpster, kind of like a real-life game of Tetris, I stood on a chair and was leaning over the edge of the dumpster.  I just needed a little more distance to be able to jostle it into place.  Just...a...little...mo---AHHH....

I don't know what happened but it hurt.  Something shifted.  Did I mention that it hurt?  Yeah, but I powered through.

But that night I couldn't sleep on my stomach.  (I've been told that's bad anyway.)  If I moved the wrong way, I got a stinging pain.

Now we're two days later and it hurts even more.  I'm about to take some Motrin.  If it still hurts in a day or two, I may be visiting the doc.  If I have in any way damaged my rib, this will be the first bone I've ever broken or sprained or bruised or anything.

(I've been drinking Milk.)

What is the weirdest way you've injured yourself?