I've talked over the past few weeks about the obvious, wonderful impact that Tim Parry had on students in Holt and Portland, and throughout the state, through his various contributions to various music ensembles and venues.

I don't just goof on my trombone each week. I was in band. I know how being a part of the "band family" shapes a person, and to have someone like Parry having such a meaningful impression -- there aren't words.

So, it's no wonder that years after his retirement, and just weeks after his untimely death at only 63 years old, hundreds upon hundreds of former students and friends gathered at Eagle Eye Golf Club on Sunday to pay tribute to him as part of the Tim Parry Alumni Band.

If you've tinkered with the idea of joining the band at your high school -- DO IT. It's hard work, but the rewards are life-long.

This is so special.

Here are a couple videos from Sunday's event. See more on the Tim Parry Alumni Band page.