Reading the Lansing State Journal today, I came across a survey that I think is beneficial to anyone that has visited downtown East Lansing. They encourage residents of the city and visitors of any frequency to take part of this survey so the city can make adjustments on their City Parking Master Plan. The master plan is to help the city make operation and financial changes to the way we park out and about in East Lansing and more specifically, downtown East Lansing. It got me to thinking, which is pretty dangerous actually. In my 3 months here, it hasn't been too bad. But I can't imagine the chaos when football season come around. Must be insane.

Downtown East Lansing is fairly small for how much action there can be on any given night. But, as I'm sure many have noticed, there are plenty of parking garages there for anyone to use. I think when you're thinking visitors to the downtown area, say from Lansing, Grand Ledge wherever, will have some sot of cab ride there and back. Now, that's just night life. When you're talking about weekend-week night visiting, I think there is more than enough to accommodate the visitors. But, what do you think? Is there enough parking available to you, the visitor of down town East Lansing? Vote in our poll.