This is a pretty great article I found on the Lansing State Journal on how to increase storage on your iPhone. As an iPhone user, I'm always looking to make my phone the best that it can be and run as efficiently as possible. Like if you wanted to save some room on your phone you could store your apps in the cloud and then delete them off of your phone, and of course, you'd still have that app. What a great idea! I'll totally do that to save some extra room. I am a huge advocate of saving text messages, and maybe not even saving them but just forgetting or not deleting them in the first place. But think of that for a sec. That's a lot of storage space being used up.

I have some texts from October of last year. I should probably delete those..right? Well anyway, delete those! Your phone will run much faster and way more efficiently. I promise you that. Thank me later. I was thinking too, what are some of the weirdest apps on your phone? I have some strange ones I think. I have the Nickelodeon kids app on my phone. What? What's wrong with that? Okay I have to admit I still love watching Spongebob. Judge me all you want. How many apps do you have and when is it too much? Let's chat about it.