Crazy thought. How often do you really text? Do you send more texts than you receive? I know for sure I send out more texts than people text back. People suck! But seriously, have you ever considered how much you text and to who? So, let's do some math here. You know, math, my specialty. And totally not that thing that I failed 3 times in high school. Anyway, according to Business Insider we send on average, over 2,000 texts per month.! To say the least, wow! That's a lot people. So let's break that down even further shall we? That means we send on average, 67 times per day. Now, when we say it that way, it doesn't sound so bad right? I didn't think so either.

Here's a crazy stat though, we only get over one thousand texts in return per month. Which means we are doing the texting way more than people are texting us back. I will say that I Don't respond every once in a while to a text, but for the most part, I text everyone back. So what about you? How often do you text? Are you that person that doesn't text back just because or do you actually make it a point not to text people. Let me know what your thoughts are, let's chat about this,