Lansing, have we got some shoveling to do. After yesterday's wallop of a snowstorm, the city of Lansing is enforcing their sidewalk clearing policy. That means you have 24 hours to get your sidewalk clear or get a ticket. But, if you have trouble shoveling, there might be some help for you. According to the article in the Lansing State Journal, limited help is available by calling 211 from your phone.

I know it sucks. It literally breaks your back. And a lot of people wonder why they need to shovel so fast when the plows haven't cleared their roads yet. It's because a lot of people rely on sidewalks to get around and if they aren't clear, they walk in the road and if they walk in the road....more people getting hit by cars. So! Let's all do our part and get those sidewalks clear! If not, you can expect a ticket in your mailbox in about 7 business days. Happy shoveling!!