On May 13th, a kindergarten teacher in Ohio grabs a student, pins him against the wall, lifts him up by his shirt, and squeezes his face while allegedly yelling, "I'll rip you apart!"

I am appalled and DISGUSTED with this teacher. I mean, can you even call her a teacher if she treats her students like that?

Anthony and Autumn Nelson, parents to Ian, got a letter stating his kindergarten teacher was being suspended due to an incident with their son. They couldn't believe what the surveillance video showed his teacher doing to their son, a six year old child.

The teacher was suspended for 10 days without pay for the assault, which is NOT a just punishment in my eyes. Especially since their school lets out for the summer at the end of the punishment period. The Nelson's want the teacher fired because they don't want their son to have to deal with seeing this wretched woman for the rest of his elementary school years. Um, fired? How about in court while being sentenced for assault? The video clearly shows her using excessive force on this little boy she is supposed to be teaching how to treat others with compassion and love.

If this was my son, I would be up in arms over it. I would be DEMANDING her be fired, and quite possibly banned from teaching children again, and filing a police report for abusing my child.

What do you think? Do you think a 10 day suspension is enough punishment for her or should she have stronger consequences to pay like being fired or possible jail time?

Watch this video and see for yourself. Just a warning though, it was upsetting for me to watch.


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