So, uh yeah. I'm totally not done with Christmas shopping. To be totally honest. I haven't even started yet. I know, I know. That's sad. It's pathetic really. But like most people who have ya know, lives, I'm pretty darn busy. That's no excuse though and I feel bad and all but now I'm in to crunch time. I need your help though. Where do I go for last minute gifts? I still have 48 hours but in all reality, I have tonight after I get off the air around 7 and then tomorrow evening as well. So, let's do this. There are still some good deals out there I'm sure. I can't be the only human on the planet that doesn't have any gifts bought yet...right? Hello? Anyone?

I'm making this in to a poll question if only to make myself feel better about my procrastination. I'm still confident I'll be able to grab some pretty great gifts for the holiday. I have three people to shop for and they're all tough. Mom, Dad and sister. Yikes. Have to do well on this one. I also don't want to be gas station gift guy on Christmas Eve. Maybe I'll have to do that though? Don't get me wrong, I love getting a gift card for Christmas but I've never been a fan of just giving out a gift card and calling it a day when it come to gifts. So there has to be some places where I can get some good gifts still. I'm going to do some soul searching and think of some killer gift ideas. In the mean time, vote in our poll. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Vote here: