Have I? Maybe? Can't remember? Well let's fix that. On the afternoon show, I want you to have just as much fun as I'm having. If you're having a crappy day, you should be able to flip over to this show and have a killer time! So, what's way you can get more involved with me and station? Every day in the 3 o' clock hour, we do Snapchat shout outs. That means you can send me a message, photo or even a video saying hey! Just put your name, where your listening from and maybe what you're up to today while you're listening to the show. Send your snaps to my Snapchat account: seanv975

You have the whole 3pm hour to get your snaps in and then I'll shout you out. Some of the snaps I've gotten from you guys have been hilarious! If you're listening in the car, definitely don't snap and drive. Wait until you're at a red light or pull over or go in a drive thru at Taco Bell or something. Any way, this gives me a chance to interact with you guys on a whole different level. Sometimes I'll snap back and say hi and you can put a face to a name. So, I'll see you on the radio this afternoon and every afternoon at 3 for the Snapchat shoutout! Remember, send your snaps to seanv975