I've finally come to the realization that it's winter. I know, CRAZY right?!? I want to embrace the fact that I live in Michigan, and not Hawaii, and that... winter happens. And this weekend is the perfect time to have some fun embracing a Michigan winter! So bundle up and head out to the 9th Annual Cardboard Classic!

The Cardboard Classic is an event where people build their own sled entirely out of cardboard. Lansing Community College is hosting this fun, all-ages event this Saturday along with Gier Community Center... at the Gier Community Center. Everyone is welcome, so even if you aren't participating, you'll enjoy watching some great races.

If you DO want to participate, all it takes is some cardboard, tape, glue, and $5. There are a few rules regarding the main structure of your sled, but otherwise, let your imagination run wild! Imagination is especially important because there are different awards given out, one of which is Best Design.

You can check out all the rules and information that you need right HERE!

Also, enjoy this video of previous years' races!