The Whitney Restaurant in Detroit is located at 4421 Woodward Avenue and is reportedly one of the most haunted places in Detroit...

It was built in 1894 as a mansion for local lumber baron David Whitney Jr., the richest man in Detroit at the time. It wasn't his choice, though, as he was a humble man and claimed he'd be happy just living in a log cabin. But it appears his wife was somewhat snobbish and insisted on a lavish home that would exhibit their wealth and show off their status.

Years later, it became a tuberculosis ward; it's said that many TB patients who died within now haunt the building, along with the spirits of Whitney & his wife who also died inside the mansion...nowadays, it's an upscale restaurant that has become very popular. And the staff doesn't pooh-pooh the haunted rumors...their cocktail lounge is even named the "Ghostbar."

A former tour guide, server & host has experienced some paranormal occurrences:
He says a collection of dolls ("grouping" he called them) completely vanished from within one of the rooms. While in an empty section of the building, he heard disembodied voices murmuring his name.