So I got the most wonderful German Shepherd in the world, Harley, back in August and I am learning that being a dog owner comes with a few very special quirks that you can only learn from experience.  Do you have any good stories about your dogs or any tips to share with new dog owners?  Post below and enjoy the things that I've learned from my girl Harley!

  • It doesn't matter HOW many times you wipe your clothes off with a lint roller, keep one in your car, because you will somehow still get covered in dog hair during your walk to the front door.
  • Don't set your food down then walk away to get a glass of water... when you return, it won't be there.
  • If you also own a cat, clean out the litter box... constantly!
  • If you all of a sudden smell rotten eggs, your dog just decided to crop dust you... typically when you have important people over.