It's Harley's Birthday!!!!! Well technically it was a few days ago, but we celebrated last night with party hats and bones! My 90lb German Shepherd just turned 2! I've had her almost a year and it has definitely been a learning experience having a dog to take care of.

Here are my top 5 Harley stories since I've taken her in!

  1. That one time she pooped in my ex's basement! I was mad at the time but now that the relationship didn't work out I think it's pretty hilarious!
  2. The time Harley had her period and I spent FOREVER trying to put a diaper on her.
  3. The birth control scare: one time I found my wrapper for the birth control chewed up and hysterically went searching for the pills... thank goodness I found them! I can't even imagine having to call in to work because my dog ate birth control....
  4. The window incident: when I first got Harley she figured out that she could push through my window unit AC and get onto the roof... then she JUMPED off the roof into my neighbors back yard! Needless to say I puppy proofed that the next day!
  5. The runner: I was running late for a broadcast a few months ago, and she bolted out of the front door when I was on my way to work... so I had to chase her down the neighborhood in high heels and leopard print pants... I'm pretty sure it was great entertainment for the neighborhood!

Got any great dog stories? Feel my pain? Share! Happy Birthday Harley!