Trevor DeVine -- sounds like a stage name, but it's not.  He's a former Grand Ledge student and now, officially, a professional musician.  (Having a rockin' real name is a bonus.)  DeVine's first EP, 'Immaculate,' is now available on iTunes and anywhere else you can stream or buy music.

DeVine, who will be attending McNally Smith College of Music for vocal performance and songwriting, spent the last year at Interlochen Center for the Arts.  Interlochen is a well-respected destination for people of all ages that are serious about growing in the arts and has a list of alumni that contains familiar names. Jewel is one of numerous professional musicians to have the academy on their resume.

DeVine says Interlochen "challenged me to find inspiration in the smallest of wonders, whether it be the surrounding nature, interacting with some of the world's best young artists on a daily basis, the top of the line instruction, or trying to wrap my mind around how there could be such an atmosphere of talent and creativity at a high school level."

DeVine began writing 'Immaculate' last August and finished recording the project in March.  He says "'Immaculate' is my way of saying that perfection should not be the goal of youth or adults. We are all immaculate in the skin we are in."

Download 'Immaculate' on iTunes here.