The mother of a Grand Ledge girl posted a message on the Grand Ledge Community Facebook page that seemed sweet, albeit vague.  But when comments on the thread began to reveal the real story, the post became so much more moving.

"To the lady I see jogging in the morning as I take my daughter into school: We came face to face once and I tried to tell you how beautiful you are. But I couldn't get the words out."

I can think of a few different ways to perceive this post and all are, what I would call, nice.

But as I read through the comments, I got a clearer picture of the situation, and my heart began to ache.

It seems the post is much less about how that mom feels about the woman, but rather, how the woman feels about herself.

I wouldn't call Facebook comments the authority on any situation and, in this particular case, the comments, like the original post, are fairly vague, in hopes of protecting the woman.  Here, the details don't matter.  What matters is the heart of the message.

What is the message?

That Grand Ledge mom went on to write "A friend of mine wrote this song for someone else but I think of you when I hear it. See you in September."

 Tell her that she's beautiful.