It's official; I've decided that this is the year, the year I take a positive and concrete step towards being healthy. Last June was when I starting making healthier choices; going to the gym, eating better foods and smaller portions, and just making healthier choices. Matthew and I were a pound-killing team! From the end of June until the beginning of September, I ended up losing 25 pounds and Matt 35 pounds. Then one of our two cars broke down. Two people with four jobs and one car is NOT fun. And, it makes trying to go to the gym super difficult.

Fast forward to today: I've gained back 8 of the 25 pounds I lost. I feel like I'm constantly dragging, and to be really open with you... I'm starting to notice that more than a few items of clothing aren't *ahem* fitting very well. So I've decided to hop back on the health band wagon!

A friend recommend that I try out this bootcamp/circuit style fitness place called HiiT Fitness... And it's been so amazing so far! I took my first class on Monday, the second on Tuesday, and my third one earlier today. It's been tough getting started, but I'm loving every second of it! The classes have a great energy and lots of support between everyone there. Below are some videos of the different exercises we did at class today. In one of the videos you'll hear a woman shouting words of encouragement to everyone, she's not the teacher though, that's just Natalie. lol

So that's the plan right now; Making better food choices and exercising more. And, I'd like your help! If you have a fitness class that you enjoy going to or have a kick-ass recipe that I could try, let me know! Let's be Fit In 2015, together!