I like to go fast espacially on highways, I don't know if its cause there aren't many cars on Michigan highways or because to get to another big city (like Detroit or Grand Rapids) you have to drive on rural highways. I have only been driving in Michigan for about 4 months but I think everyone will be happy with the new law passed that will raise the speed limit from 70 to 75 in most areas and even 80 MPH!

The bills would:

  • After completing speed studies, require MDOT and MSP to raise the speed limit to 75 mph on rural limited freeway, and to 60 mph on 900 miles of trunk line highway within 1 year.
  • Allow MDOT and MSP to raise section of rural highways to 80 mph if it is found to be ready.
  • Allow a county road commission in a county with more than 1 million people to request that gravel road speed limits be reduced from 55 mph to 35 mph
  • Allow a school superintendent to designate the half-hour before and after school times when speed limits can be reduced by up to 20 mph lower than the posted speed limit.
  • Reduces the number of points that can be assessed on a driver's license from two points to one for driving 5 mph over the speed limit. Violations of 15 mph over the speed limit would come with two points on a driver's license.

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