Admittedly I'm not in the best shape, and we talked about that on the air this past week. We discussed the likelihood of me doing a 5k and my friends over at Playmakers heard all about it and decided to help me out today. Earlier, I was over at their location in Okemos and I learned so much about health and fitness and especially, running and walking. I didn't realize that I wasn't doing it correctly my entire life. I had a free shoe fitting to get me the best pair of shoes I could possibly have, they are New Balance by the way. And I had a free training session on how to correctly run and hopefully take some of the harm out of running that it was causing to my body, all my fault of course.

I've partnered up with Playmakers in an effort to not only get in shape, but stay in shape by signing on to participate in their Subway Summer Trail Series. It'll be happening later on this summer and I really hope you'll be a part of it with me. First thing you need to do is stop in to Plamkers and get the right gear to go out there and get in shape. The technology they have at their disposal is amazing. I'll post some on my social media pages later. It was so cool and you can see what you're doing right or wrong and improve your running technique. Let's get in shape!