So I get this CREEPY Facebook request yesterday morning, and I'm like 'No Way Jose!' because Freddy is the root of ALL of my childhood night mares! (you can thank my mom for letting 5 year old me watch that damn movie for that)

So anyway, I post that screenshot on MY Facebook, and apparently I'm not the only one he's requested! He's friend requesting all over Lansing apparently... So here's my question... WHO IS THE LANSING FREDDY KRUEGER????

Here's what I do know...

  • he's in a relationship on Facebook with a girl from Grand Ledge....
  • He just checked in at Fleetwood Diner in Lansing
  • He and I have 14 mutual friends... all from the Lansing surrounding area
  • Anyway.... will the REAL Freddy Krueger please stand up?