I mean, I love Fire Mountain and we ate there occasionally when we lived on Lansing's west side.  But there was one visit that was extra special.

It was a Thanksgiving Day and we wanted to do Thanksgiving with my dad but we weren't prepared or in the position to host and neither was he.  So, he took us out for Thanksgiving dinner at Fire Mountain.  Just me, Sarah, the kids and him.  He scoffed at the price.  He was frugal and he wasn't somebody that ever went out to a place like Fire Mountain.  "Going out" for him was coffee at McDonald's.

It might not have been the ideal Thanksgiving scenario but it was special because it was a meal with dad... Grandpa...  (and we didn't have to cook or clean up).

You might know my dad passed away last year.  He always said "there is no coincidence, there is providence."  Me, Sarah and the kids had a random meal at Fire Mountain a couple weeks ago -- the first time in years, maybe even the first time since we went there with my dad.  I said "Remember that time we came here with Grandpa on Thanksgiving?"

The kids didn't remember, of course.  My oldest would have been like 4 years old at the time.  My youngest hadn't even been born yet.

WILX-TV says the abrupt closing of the restaurant and others owned by Buffet LLC comes as the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.