To be fair, you should watch the video before judging.  Then, after you watch it, I'm sure you will agree -- this fire chief is an idiot.

An Illinois fire chief banned American flags and all other stickers that firefighters had on their lockers, saying that they are images associated with racism in the department.

When four firefighters, one black, one Cuban and two white men refused to remove their American flags, they were sent home.

The update this morning is that the four firefighters have returned to work and are allowed to have flags on their lockers because the chief is going to put department-issued American flag stickers on all lockers and in every locker room.

Again -- this fire chief is an idiot.

In the video he points to a picture that was posted on one of the lockers of a monkey smoking a cigarette and says "To see these pictures and to draw the conclusion that there are racist firefighters...I cannot afford or tolerate."

Uhhhh --- why do you have to 'draw the conclusion' that the image of a monkey smoking a cigarette has anything at all to do with racism?!  How about not drawing conclusions and have a conversation about it instead.

The firefighters say it was a joke between two firefighters and that it's so old that one of the men doesn't even have a locker anymore because he is a Lieutenant.