On Saturday, we took the kids to the Shiawassee County Fair for the first time.  We've come to realize that my oldest, Madison, is a thrill-seeker.  She is all about riding all the big-kid rides, even if it means riding solo.  

Durand Railroad Days was in May and we got them bracelets to ride, and it just so happens that Madison's friend invited her to the fair earlier in the week, and they got bracelets, so on Saturday, we told the kids they could ride two rides each.

Madison went with the Himalaya (on my suggestion) and The Twister (no thanks).

Brennan went with the Tilt-A-Whirl (classic) and he had his first Bumper Cars experience.  He was a little disappointed in his performance but I told him 'practice makes perfect.'

Sofia rode this little kiddie train ride, I think it was called "Ol' Santa Fe," and then she kept saying she wanted to ride the ponies.  So, we were leaving the midway to head back up to where they were offering pony rides when she started crying and saying she wanted to ride the ponies, and pointing at the carousel.

We thought she wanted to ride the real ponies.  That was good for a laugh.

We had a blast, but I'm bummed that we missed the Combine Derby.  I'm pretty sure the kids would be down with watching some big farm trucks destroy each other.

Check out a video of the Figure 8 Feature and some other midway clips from the fair!