When the government tells you not to use Internet Explorer (IE) because your
personal information could be compromised, you know it's serious.

A "very serious security flaw" allows hackers to control your computer by access-
ing recently deleted objects in your computer's memory, according to a weekend
release by Microsoft. That vulnerability is being called "CVE-2014-1776."

Microsoft says all versions, from 6 to 11, of Internet Explorer are affected and they
are working on a fix for recent versions of Windows but for those using Windows
XP, you'll want to stop using Internet Explorer altogether, as Microsoft is no
longer providing updates for XP. In fact, many security experts have long advised
dumping Windows XP altogether and switching to Windows 7 or 8.

In any case, anyone currently using Internet Explorer is advised to switch to a
different browser until a fix for the bug is complete, although many would advise
switching to a different browser as a regular practice.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are all options that are generally considered faster and better than any version of Internet Explorer.