A father and son from Grand Rapids traveled to Battle Creek to buy a car in a transaction initiated on Craigslist.  Unfortunately, as so often is the case these days, the Craigslist meeting quickly went awry.

The father and son were jumped by three men, who attacked them in an attempt to rob them.  What, perhaps, those men hadn't considered, was that one of their intended victims might be a licensed concealed weapon holder.

The son drew his gun and shot two of the attackers, according to ABC12.com.  The report says their condition is unknown and that the third attacker remains on the loose.

If you are meeting for a Craigslist transaction it is absolutely critical that you meet in a high-traffic, extremely visible area and meet during daylight hours wherever possible.  If your community offers a "safe" transaction location such as your local police department (many departments now offer this), don't hesitate to make that your meeting location.

Have you ever had a Craigslist transaction go bad?