The LaPorte County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that Michael David Elliot was captured after a brief chase in rural LaPorte county.

Authorities say a call about a stolen vehicle was received so officers were dispatched to the area.  When an officer spotted the vehicle and attempted to execute a traffic stop, the driver fled.

Officers were able to use stop sticks to end the vehicle chase, but the driver then attempted to run.  He didn't get far.

Officers soon confirmed that the offender was convicted murderer, Michael David Elliot, who escaped from the Ionia Correctional Facility on Sunday evening.

Reports of how Elliot escaped still vary somewhat, but it is believed he exited the prison through a "sally port," a secure garage used to bring inmates into the facility.  He then cut holes in, or made it through existing holes in multiple fences.  He then walked three and a half miles to Ionia where he carjacked and abducted a woman, driving to Elkhart Indiana, where she was able to escape by locking herself in a gas station bathroom.

Elliot put $10 in gas in the SUV, so authorities suspected he wouldn't make it too far.  The SUV was later found abandoned in nearby Shipshewana.

Elliot was apprehended in Kankakee Township.