On Jill Richley's Tuesday drive home from work, she noticed what she called a "distressed bird" near her home in the city of Durand, and upon arriving home asked her husband to go take a look.  That bird turned out to be a mother wood duck whose ducklings had somehow become trapped in a storm sewer.

Richley says the couple called several agencies, including the DNR, who said they were not able to help, but Steve Mince, Durand's Director of the Department of Public Works and also a firefighter, along with Durand Police Chief Jason Hartz and Officer Pletcher, responded to the call for help and successfully rescued 8 ducklings from the storm drain, returning them to their "frantic" mother, Richley said.

Richley offered kudos to Hartz, Pletcher and Mince for "going beyond their normal job duties," adding "no Duck Dynasty needed here."

See more photos from Tuesday's rescue operation here: