I hate when a car flies by me on the interstate.  Believe me, I'm usually hovering 3-5 above the speed limit at any given time so it's not like I'm putzing along.  But what I REALLY hate is when someone in an expensive car flies by me.  So when incidents like these happen; where the driver of a pricey car does something stupid and gets burned, it's just extra-gratifying.  Am I right?  Check these out!

A driver in Boston parks his BMW in front of a fire hydrant.  It's a violation.  It's discourteous to neighbors.  It's dangerous.  It's shameful.  I could go on.

So when a fire breaks out and the fire department needs the hydrant, what do they do?  Well, to their credit, they, along with GOOD neighbors, literally tried to move the car.  But, when that didn't work, to their even more credit, they busted out the windows of that Beamer and ran their fire hose through it!  YES!!!!

When the driver of a $100,000 Mercedes decides having to take an alternate route around a construction site is too inconvenient, he drives past the "Do Not Enter" signs, enters the construction zone, and... lands his car in wet cement!

The crew had to use jackhammers to get his car out.


The moral of the stories: Don't be 'that guy.'