We tried this out yesterday and it was a lot of fun. We are counting down the top 5 most requested songs of the day, every day, on our new Top 5 at 5:25. This can't work without your help. Just another way for YOU to help decide the music that we play on the station. When the show starts up at 2 today and every day for that matter, start sending me your requests! Call me anytime with them at 517-363-2975 or on Twitter, even Instagram and Snapchat with the handle @seanv975 then I put them in order from the most to the least requested and we count them down right at 5:25. It'll be fun to see who is #1 every day.

Hey it's something to do on your way home from work and it beats sitting in traffic too. I'm sure we will get a ton of requests but I'll only take the 5 biggest songs that you guys want to hear in the Capital City. So get the calls, tweets and emails in as early as you can so we can start putting the top 5 in and start counting them down to see who's going to be #1