The scenario: Active shooter in the high school.  Police respond to handle the shooter as well as take care of casualties.

Trauma Training FX (T2) creates lifelike situations, complete with actors and injuries, to help prepare officers with experience for an event everyone hopes will never happen.

At the former Wilbur Bills Elementary in Bancroft on Thursday, agencies from Homeland Security District 1 participated in the drill.  Drama students from Corunna High School with moulage makeup, a makeup effects technique, forced officers to locate and treat "wounds" all while attempting to keep others and themselves safe and subdue the suspect.

Smoke, pyrotechnics and other effects, as well as ambulances and helicopters were part of the exercise that ended three days of training on tactical combat casualty care.

Homeland Security District 1 includes Shiawassee, Clinton, Gratiot, Eaton, Ingham, Livingston, Jackson, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties.