A Lansing area man was none too happy with Michigan State University's decision to stop selling Melting Moments ice cream cookie sandwiches at sporting events and took to Facebook and the streets of East Lansing to express his outrage. According to this article in the Lansing State Journal, "MSU officials said the school wants to offer real-world experiences for culinary students and won't save any money by making the change." The change they're talking about is replacing the Melting Moments ice cream cookie sandwiches with ones made by the MSU Dairy Store.

What do you think? Are you going to miss eating the dessert that was a huge part of MSU games for years? Or do you think it only makes sense for MSU to sell items made by the college? Whatever your stance is, watch Cooper Spaulding's video he made about boycotting MSU's decision and I bet you'll be craving a delicious Melting Moments ice cream cookie sandwich too!  #BringBackTheMoment indeed!!!