Life imitates art, right? This is probably one of those instances where you should just let art be art. As much as I want to laugh at this story and find the real life Breaking Bad meth lab pretty cool as far as the replica goes, there was a dude that ended up with four felonies here. The only thing that there is to laugh at is maybe the stupidity of this particular criminal. I mean, if you're going to do this sort of thing, don't do it exactly like they did on TV. Let me remind you that Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows of the last 10 years, maybe even all time. At least slap a different paint job on there or something bro.

Police were following up on a stolen vehicle and burglaries and ended up finding this damn near replica RV from the show, reports MLive. All this took place in Auburn Michigan after a police officer saw the RV on his way home from work. Now, Breaking Bad just happens to be one of my favorite shows. This guy is no Jesse Pinkman or Walter White. It sounds like with the lab the criminal set up, he was trying to mock the characters in the show during the first season where they went out to the desert to cook meth in an RV to allude any attention to themselves. Some of the best episodes in the show are out there in the desert in that RV. Check the show out on Netflix and see how dumb this guy is. Remember kids, drugs aren't the answer!