After Prince had announced that Beck had won the Album of the Year last night. Kanye West once again bum rushed the stage like a tool and pretended to take the award away from Beck. What a loser. I digress, he went on an epic rant on the post show saying that the Grammys will continue to disrespect art since Beyonce did not win. No doubt, I was surprised that Beck took home the award. But as I have said on the show anumber of times, the Grammys don't matter. Apparently to Kanye they do!

In an interview with NME Beck actually agreed with Kanye West that Beyonce should have won. Dude, Beck. Don't give him that! Did you deserve it? I don't know man. I didn't listen to the record. But you have been making commercially and critically successful for 20 years so I'm going to assume that you deserve the accolades that you get. I try no to give any attention to Kanye but sometimes it's so difficult not to. Click the NME link up top see the full interview with Beck and a vine of Kanye on stage last night.