There's legitimate growing concern across the nation about how police interact with the communities they serve. The conversation is getting bigger and broader, and everyone's hope is that it leads to a better place. But, there are appropriate ways to join the conversation. Burning down buildings, looting, throwing bricks at police officers -- these are not appropriate ways, and when one Baltimore mom saw her son on TV caught up in it, she went after him.  She's seen giving him "what for" on Baltimore's WMAR-TV during a live broadcast; yelling at him, knocking him upside the head and sending him home.

Some are calling her "Mother of the Year" while others are saying that her actions aren't much more appropriate than her son's. ----Kanye moment---- I'mma let you finish talking about how she shouldn't have "brained" her son, as my mother would put it, but first, I'mma say she DOES deserve the Mother of the Year award and if you don't like how she handled the situation, you belong on the front lines dealing with the problem kids (and adults) who think rioting is the appropriate way to effect change.

A little more parenting like this mom's would result in a lot fewer burned out buildings, damaged and stolen property and injured people.

Thoughts and prayers going out to the city of Baltimore.