New year, new words. I get it. This was one of the dumbest though. I can deal with some acronyms, I can deal with selfie. 'Bae' was where I dew the line. What even is that, man? Where did it come from? I'm asking an honest question here. I really don't know. Regardless, consider this term of endearment BANNED! Lake Superior State University puts out a list annually of words that are banned. It works just like the dictionary people and their list. They add, Lake Superior State subtracts. It's the 40th list they've put out according to an article on mlive and 'bae' has topped this years class.

The actually word 'bae' is Danish. It means...poop. I swear. I can't make this stuff up. Check it out, give it a Google if you don't believe me. What does that say about our young people? Ugh. They don't get all of the blame though. I've even heard my mom say it. What does that say about my mom?! Anyway, there other words like 'foodie' and 'swag' that are on the ban list as well. By the way, these are all being banned from the Queen's English. So if you slip and call me 'bae' over the phone on the show, it's not like you're getting in trouble or anything. Or are you!? you're calling me a piece of Danish poop! Here's to a whole new year of words to hate in 2015!