Being a Detroiter and hell, even a Michigander, it's for us not to love Little Caesars Pizza. I mean come on. They were the first to have the 5 dollar pizza. They were the ones who mass produced the Hot and Ready. Something that we all love so much. If you don't love a good Hot and Ready every once in awhile, then you're a liar. They have the best slogan,  "pizza pizza" I love that. Short, sweet and to the point. There are even some drive through ones here in the Lansing area that I have seen. They recently unveiled a pretzel crust pizza as well. Long story short, they rock.

Well, according to USA Today the company has announced they they will now offer a pizza with the crust completely wrapped in bacon. In. Bacon. Yeah, I love some bacon on a pizza pie every once in awhile, but we are talking about bacon on your pizza and then bacon on your crust. Bacon is still hot right now, like it's almost "cool" to like bacon or something. But, 3 and a half feet of bacon goodness? That's a lot. I'm excited to try this bad boy out. It's a little steep at 12 bucks, but how can you put a price on potential love? I'll be one of the first in line when they come out on February 23.