Today marks the official one week mark until we kick off Common Ground in downtown Lansing at Adado Riverfront Park. For the past few weeks, we've been giving away tickets to what may be the biggest show in the lineup. Meghan Trainor! She will be joined by Bea Miller and others a week from today!

Still don't have tickets? Man, that's a huge bummer. Well good thing Sean V will be hooking you up this afternoon. Not once, but TWICE! We're doing back to back giveaways this afternoon after you hear a song from Meghan, just be caller 9. Any Meghan Trainor song is your cue to call.

Remember to follow Sean V on Twitter today for the EXACT time that you have to call. He'll be dropping hints on his Twitter page. You can follow him @seanv975 or just click here. Best of luck this afternoon!