Beginning next year, changes to car seat laws will require that LATCH systems no longer be used when the weight of the child and car seat combined is over 65 lbs.

Based on a 2001 law, children up to 65 lbs must remain in car seats, but that law did not take into account the weight of the seats.

Car manufacturers say they can't guarantee the strength of the anchors when adding the additional weight of the seat.

How do I figure out the combined weight of my child and carseat?

Weigh your child then weigh the seat.  If the combined weight is greater than 65 lbs, it's time to begin using the restraints rather than the LATCH system.

Did you know?  30% of parents don't utilize the LATCH system properly and 70% of parents don't use the top tether, which aids in the prevention of head injuries, according to Safe Kids Worldwide