I knew after watching the MSU game yesterday afternoon that there was a good chance that they would come away with a W. Well, they did and now Spartan Nation is headed back to the Final Four. I also knew after they won that there would be some action happening in East Lansing. To no surprise, there was action a plenty. I feel like Michigan State has a bit of a reputation when it comes to the good ol fashioned celebratory riot. Couch burning comes to mind pretty quickly when I think of it. This time around, there was a couch and a sweater (why?) plus dozens and dozens of bagels being thrown. Now, I don't really understand property destruction when it comes to your favorite sports team winning, but what a waste of bagels! Five arrests in total were made, and there was one sad 975 DJ (me) who really wanted a bagel. Here are a few tweets and photos from the crazy yesterday.

And a great response here from the MSU police: