I'm probably not going to have another opportunity to talk about poop in a post for a while so, warning, juvenile humor ahead!

Poop, poopy, poo, dung, doo-doo, dookie, crap, kaka, feces, uh-oh, number 2, turtle head, cow pie, shart... I'm having trouble coming up with other fun references to pinching a loaf -- feel free to add yours.

Okay, so here's the deal.

Binder Park Zoo has poop for sale.  But not just any poop.  It's poo, dung, doo-doo of the exotic variety!

This Thursday is "Zoo Doo" Day, and for a mere $30 per "load,"  you can fertilize your own garden with composted zebra, antelope and giraffe waste.

This is definitely a "make your own jokes" post if I've ever seen one.

Get the whole stinky story here.