Chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables -- imagine them all on a plate.  Now slowly, from the outside of the plate, push them all toward the center of the plate.  Does that make you cringe?  Then you are 'that person.'  Good news for you, a genius has finally come up with a solution -- a food divider.

And the internets rejoiced.

Oh, by the way, this "Food Cubby," as its inventor has dubbed it, was created by a six year old.

And all this time you've just suffered through the occasional seepage of your apple sauce into your cottage cheese.  Sidebar: Apple sauce mixed with cottage cheese is pretty much the best thing ever, so, I don't know what your problem is.  Honestly.

But even I can find a good use for the Food Cubby -- not that I have any sort of problem with my corn mingling with my potatoes (Hello, KFC's Famous Bowl!), but occasionally I do have to use my finger or some other random utensil to get those pesky kernels onto my fork.