I love Lansing! Now, that's not to say that I don't or didn't love my hometown of Dearborn Heights, Michigan...but I'd have to say that Lansing just has some amaze-balls stuff to offer! There are great places for organic food or in-house made eats, an awesome night life that doesn't require you to drive too far, and just a chill vibe... let's call it "je ne sais quoi."

And this morning, I was able to enjoy first hand one of the things that makes Lansing so great!

A new coffee shop opened up down the block from my house (which is freaking sweet because the nearest Biggby is like 4 miles from where I live) called Strange Matter Coffee Co.This place was so chill and luxurious at the same time. My boyfriend and I walked there this morning promptly at 8 am, exactly when it opened, and were greeted with smiles and wafts of ground coffee. I enjoyed a mocha, Matthew a cappuccino, and we split a choclate-almond croissant. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! We will definitely be going back, and you should check it out too!!!