Lets just go ahead and say it... I'm an average American girl in my twenties and I take birth control. So what right? Millions of women take the pill for many different reasons, this isn't a new concept to the world, so the fact that I am on the pill is no big deal right? It's a pretty simple routine prescription to fill and pill to take...

Insert my week from hell! So I call my pharmacy to refill what I thought was a routine prescription (that I also thought was refillable for up to a year per my doctor) when they say 'oh no, you've got to get this prescription refilled every three months.' Okay, so then I call and leave a sort of irritated voicemail to my doctor's office, can you please call my pharmacy and refill my birth control for the next 3 months... THEN followed by a call from the pharmacy saying... your doctor called in your prescription but it's not what we gave you the last time so it must be wrong... we will call your doctor and let them know. So me waiting a day finally calls the pharmacy back, asking if I can finally come back and pick up my routine pill that is no big deal... NOTHING... so now I've been trying to get a doctor on the phone all day today to get whatever the right prescription is for me (which honestly give me the pill they called in at this point I don't care, I just don't want to get knocked up)... and I'm now a week behind on my scheduled pill so my hormones may be a little out of whack!

But here is the kicker and that really gripes my nerves... how has it become a week long fiasco for me a grown woman to get a routine prescription of birth control and I basically feel like I'm going through air port security for this damn stuff but a 14 year old can walk in to the pharmacy and right up to the counter and buy Plan B? This makes absolutely no sense to me America! If I get knocked up this week I'm suing somebody!

Rant. Done.