This video and article from ABC News shows a substitute teacher using a belt to hit students in the 6th grade classroom. I'm still in a little bit of shock after watching this video. I mean, a belt, really? The incident, that occurred on May 15th, is now starting to gain some national notoriety, and for all the wrong reasons.

Watching the video, you don't see what caused the teacher to take such drastic measures. However, it's mentioned that he was trying to break up a fight. Regardless if that was actually the case, I don't think beating children with your belt is the right way to go about things. Don't get me wrong; I was raised in a household where I was disciplined for my actions. I've been spanked, sent to sit in the corner, and had various privileges taken away from me as punishment. But never before have I been whipped with a leather belt... I'm pretty sure they call that child abuse.

Most of the reactions that parents are having after seeing the video are similar: the teacher went too far. But some people are commending his actions, saying he was just disciplining "some knuckleheads". I don't think this teacher should be commended for his actions, and the middle school didn't think so either. Gwynn Park Middle School (the school where this incident took place) released a statement saying the school "does not condone this type of behavior."

Watch the video and let me know what you think of this man's actions. Do you think he was over the line? Or do you think he took appropriate action to what was happening and people are making a big deal over nothing?

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