If you're Dad is anything like mine, he can sometimes be difficult to buy for. He's just the type of person that when he wants something, he typically just goes out and gets it. So that cool book that he mentioned he was interested in reading about a month ago? Yeah, he already got a copy. And the default "Dad gift": a tie, how boring? So I thought I'd help out a bit and give you some unique gifts ideas I've been tossing around. Let me know if this helps! Or if you have any cool gift ideas to add to the list, let me know!

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    For The Foodie Dad

    They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not win at Father's Day gift giving by hooking Dad up with something delicious and local! You could go simple and get him some awesome tasting BBQ sauce. Or you could go all out and get some BBQ sauce, ribs, corn-on-the-cobb, and some cold brews and make a whole, homemade meal!

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    For The Stylish Dad

    Ties as gifts for Father's Day are super played out. But that doesn't mean that all "clothes" type gifts are as basic as that. You could go with something classic and dapper, like a pair of cufflinks. You could even put a cool spin on a classic gift of cufflinks by getting them tailored to your Dad's personality. They have tons of "nerdy" cufflinks, like these Storm Trooper ones, on Etsy.

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    For The Music Lover Dad

    This is the category that my Dad falls in! He loves his music, and in his free time, you can usually catch him in his man cave listening to vinyls and building speakers to go with the record player he also just built. If your Dad is anything like mine, you can never go wrong with scoring some stellar vinyl. I try to look for some of his old favorites that are in good condition, but that does have the potential to get kind of expensive (some collector's worthy vinyls can go for upwards of $25,000!). So if you're looking for something more budget friendly, there are a couple great record shops right here in East Lansing: Flat, Black and Circular as well as The Record Lounge.

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    For The Outdoorsy Dad

    One of my friend's is in the process of planning an intense hiking trip through the Appalachian Trail, so she's been gathering supplies over the last few months and she told me all about these paracord bracelets. The bracelets are made of military grade paracord and can be unraveled and used in emergency situations. You can even custom make a bracelet by going HERE!

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    For Every Dad

    Maybe Dad really doesn't want a gift, or maybe he's impossible to buy for. Whatever the case may be, you don't have to give your Pops a physical present, you can give the gift of a great time. Take Dad out for dinner or putt-putt golfing or the movies or playing golf or any fun activity, and he'll have the gift of an amazing memory!

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