You know me, I'm a Durand Railroader, so I have a predisposed appreciation for all things trains.  So, the subject of this Business Insider article comes as no surprise to me, but, I definitely still appreciate these visuals that I probably will never personally see, and that NO one would see, if it weren't for train travel.

Business Insider shared 38 "favorite" photos from Amtrak's Instagram account -- photos that had been shared with them by travelers.

It's a stunning look at what you can see from your seat on the train, that you could never see driving or flying somewhere.

So, hey, maybe take a trip by train this summer.  You can roll out of the East Lansing station, or, even better, take the short drive to Durand Union Station and the Michigan Railroad History Museum and board Amtrak at the historic and "most-photographed" depot in America.